Get Better

by Citysick

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There’s cardboard boxes Stacked up on bare wood floors You said it’s moving season I told you I prefer those empty rooms But this apartment’s been feeling pretty sparse with out you So I’ve been trying to fill it up With things to give it meaning Since you started talking about leaving Since you started packing up your things To leave Let’s talk about the last time you felt okay Since you were sick of it all And you were writing me off in a letter, I never read it all Started with you telling me that you’ve changed I know you didn’t believe it As if you’re sorry about what you said when you were leaving So you’re gone but you’re coming back soon It’s just a sedative, I never said it was true So I walk in circles to compensate For lack of purpose I’m feeling lost again Where the sidewalk ends Sun tanned sick becomes sun bleached And the ink marks on your legs Become concrete Stay inside and wait for better days You can’t remember why you Why you changed your name
Leaning 03:00
Empty me out To fix your broken head Ask me why I’m so hollow again Am I a bottle of pills To help you get through the day Swallow me up with The trazodone you take Your lack of faith And my battered frame I can’t carry you out So you take care of yourself Left you leaning on the balcony I’m to tired to tell you I can’t be the fix you need Empty out this bottle Forgot what it was for Looks like I’m not enough anymore I’ll walk away from all of this Constant misdirection And cold calls for attention Go find some perspective You always said you need more space to breath You’ll get all the space you needed So if I’m the worst part of your life How come you call me every night So can say I’m on your mind And say I’m keeping you alive If I’m the worst part of your life How come you call me every night If I’m the worst part of your life
Joyride 03:38
I found your note In the office of your parents’ home What a way to go Hopeless and completely alone You said I’m so expendable Your handwriting’s hard to read It’s beautiful just hard to read I was in the backseat of your joyride Always changing lanes I never really knew why You saw the worst in me And I think you were right So say it to me one more time You won’t get better if you Stay here forever And did you really think that If you leave you can’t come back You won’t get better if you Stay here forever I spoke with your ghost every night this week She’s telling me the most terrifying things When she’s gone I’ll miss her A silhouette of you Opacity’s twin sister Translucent and blue All of your life long friends Saw the back of your hand But you were always like that You were always like that
Sunlight through the window Casts a shadow on the box of you mother’s records The ones we used to listen to When everything was out of place and perfect I’m drunk and I might drive home Crash into the light At 20th and Park Feel my ribcage splinter and crack from the impact And wonder where you’re at The clouds roll in And take the city by storm Rain will excavate a path To your apartment floor You were never A sincere lover but I tried I tried to keep you warm From the cracks in the ceiling To every evening I spent with you Couldn’t forget if I wanted I couldn’t forget if I wanted San Francisco air hits my cheeks From your open balcony What was I supposed to think And oh, I can feel you coming down like a hurricane And I will lie without a sound And you’re right, you’re right, you’re right I missed the last chance I had You’re so incomplete And scattered to the wind Take me out at 4 AM To the water Push me in Lie to me, say you can’t swim Did you really think this was in our control? It’s not like we didn’t try our best to mend it Did you really think we could wait out this storm ‘Cause these waves will drag you down if you let ‘em
Cut Short 02:56
Well I need a break From hearing all bad news as you lay sedated and I can’t take one more “Maybe we consider options” conversation I’m trying to be brave But it’s hard to be so strong When the ones you love Are standing in their graves Well I guess I’ll love you while I can If I let you go, try to understand It’s here again The feeling I got three years ago when you left It grips my chest and slowly caves it in I’m helpless to help her My hands on the hospital bed where she sleeps She’s fading ‘Cause you’re a part Of something I can’t say But love is for the living And for walking away


Get Better is a collection of songs that we have been working on since March 2017, recording in studios, apartments, and even office buildings in Northern and Southern California. Each song speaks to a different form of moving forward, and improving upon negative situations that come up in life. Life is always going to have ups and downs, and for some of us, a lot more downs than ups, but the bad things that happen don’t have to control our lives entirely, and that is what this EP is all about.


released December 1, 2017

Citysick is Conner Lewis, Curtis Loyless, David Hollenbeck and Kaleb Sievers
Recorded & mixed by David Hollenbeck
Drums recorded at Catacomb Studios with Johnny Liu
Artwork by Kayce Tynan


all rights reserved



Citysick Chico, California

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